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I have a car, I have a dime/ Baby, Baby/I know that won’t buy anything/ But I would steal you anything

Well I’m in love what can I say/The sunlight burned my fear away

Life is ever changing but I will always find a constant and comfort in your love

And I hope, yes I hope, love gets us all
And I hope, yeah I hope, love gets us all

With your heart my soul is bound

If you take my heart /don’t leave the smallest part/I’ve no need to live if you’re to come up gone

And if you take of my soul/You can still leave it whole/With the pieces of you own you leave behind

I love you but I can’t remember why

As long as I feel/as strong as I feel/I will carry you as long as I can

Well there’s only so many ways/You can give your loving to me/I’d give my soul for just for one of them now/I’d give up the drinking, just tell me how

But of all the scenes that I see/Played out this window to the left of me/The thought of you it shines

It’s only right, it’s only right/For you to fall in love with me/Give me a life, give me a life/Give me tonight, it’s only right

I’ve had bad lovers, yeah/That walked to my back door/I’ve wasted years walkin’ for them gals/ That’s how I know you’re worth walking for

I know I love you baby like I know I never ever/ Gonna let you ever say goodbye

I would be honest but I don’t know how to say/I’ve been lazy with my love/Can’t you give me a chance to make it up to you

And I’ve known others/And I’ve loved others too/But I loved them cause they were stepping stones/On a staircase to you

I ain’t through/I ain’t walkin out/leavin ain’t what I’m about/you may scream/and I may shoult/But baby I love you

I haven’t eyes for anyone else/I’m thinking of you and nobody else
I haven’t eyes for anyone else but you

Because we had to/Because I loved you/Because the damned alcohol/Because what ever at all

I’m yours and that’s it, whatever/i should not have been gone for so long/i’m yours and that’s it, forever/you’re mine and that’s it/forever

But if love is a game/girl then you’re gonna win/I’ll spend the rest of me life bringing victory in/if you want me too

Will you love me still/when we awake and you find that the sanity has gone from my eyes

I can’t go back/and I don’t want to/cause all my mistakes/have brought me to you

Why can’t you see yourself/as beautiful as I see you

Your heart says not again/What kind of mess have you got me in/But when the feelings there/It can lift you up and take you anywhere/But the gravel beneath you and the limbs above/If anybody asks you where your coming from/Say love, say for me love
There’s only one thing here worth hoping for/With Lucifer beneath you and God above/If either one of them asks you what your living of/Say love, say for me love

My life is different now I swear/I know now what it means to care/About somebody other than myself

The truth be known, the truth be told/My heart was always fairly cold/Posing to be as warm as yours/My way of getting in your world

And everyone they have a heart/And when they break and fall apart/And need somebody’s helping hand

I was young and love was fun/Now it’s so serious

I swear that I will/Do my best to be here just the way you like it/Even though its hard to hide/Push my feelings all aside/I will rearrange my plans and change for you

A guarantee and not a promise/That I’ll never let your love slip from my hands

If it’s the beaches’ sands you want/Then you will have them/If it’s the mountains’ bending rivers/Then you will have them/If it’s the wish to run away/Then I will grant it/Take whatever what you think of/While I go gas up the truck/Pack the old love letters up/We will read them when we forget why we left here

Love gets lost/Find my love
Find my love

And love is but an ocean/unrealistic notion/but I cling to her devotion/and I let it pull me down to the floor

Its not the chase that I love/Its me following you.

Teach me how to use/The love that people say you made

Walking down lonely has worked like a charm/I’m the only one I have to let down/But watching you makes me think that that is wrong

Give the love you find until it’s gone

If you’re loved by someone, you’re never rejected

We’re all in this together

But we don’t need to remember every single moment we’ve had/And I don’t need understanding for every single moment I’ve had

My dream of all dreams and my hope of all hopes/Is only to tell you and make sure you know/How much I love you and how much I always did

If you have love in your heart let it show while you can

Will you learn to love yourself the way I know you should?/Will we find the courage there to call our friendship good?

So I watched as those who ask for love, demanding some respect/Became the last in line to have what they come to expect

Don’t let romance and beating hearts change what we came to do
Anita, my Anita, I was born to follow you

I caught a glimpse of light/And I drank from there as the colors rang out loudly from your eyes

I’ve got love pouring out of my veins

Always remember there was nothing worth sharing/Like the love that let us share our name

Nothing that this world could bring or/Anything someone could do/Could hold me back from you

What was our reason for fighting?/Selfish and centered at best

You’re the one reason why/I look up and smile/Wishing for love/And I’m ready to forge ahead


I got only love to share

Feel  like a thief when I’m with you/Feel like a beggar when I am not

And I hope/yeah I hope/love gets us all

Do you plan to stay around/cause my heels have been diggin/since my feet hit the ground

Now if I’m walkin’ through the rain/And I hear you call my name/I will break into a run without a pause




















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