All lyrics are intellectual property of The Avett Brothers.

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If I’s a police/I couldn’t catch me/Because I’m always up and ready

Trying to go just about everywhere/A lot of thinking about where I’m going next

Nothing’s gonna change my mind/ I’m walkin’ a different highway.

Nothing’s gonna change my mind./I’m travelin’ a different line.

You’ll find what you need if you want it./Nothing’s gonna change my mind/I’ll find mine.

Boss man said work your way/Put it off for another day/I’m not listening tomorrow may not come

Lazy men find an easy way/Easy work for easy pay/I’m not listening there ain’t no such a thing

Burn the questions burn the shame


We all should (go)/Break down the walls being built around us.


We came to leave behind the world a better way

And if your love laughs at your dreams/Well it’s not as bad as it seems/Either way one of them has got to go

I don’t wanna lose heart/I don’t wanna get beat beat down by the big big world/Or quit before I even start

Lord, I just want my life to be true/And I just want my heart you be true/I just want my words to be true/I want my soul to feel brand new

And I wanna keep running all day, and all night/Even when my mind tell my body “that’s enough”

Now, when your dreams start saying/”I can’t come true, you’d be better off without me”/Don’t let them go

I guess I might have made a few mistakes/But maybe that’s exactly what it takes/To get a little happy in this big sad world


To this awful news try not to hold on/The day will come, the sun will rise, and we’ll be fine

As long as I feel, as strong as I feel/I will carry you as long as I can

Do the best you can and that won’t go unseen

My mind stays crooked/And my back stays straight


I’ve got the wheels to ride and the wheels to run,

Some say I got ramblin’ in my blood/No pretty girl can slow me down

Good things can come /To those who practice reason and recognize good fun

I ain’t through I ain’t walking out/Leaving ain’t what I’m about,/You may scream and I may shout/ But baby I love you.


Be loud let the others know/First a whisper then it grows

Head down don’t you make a sound/Keep your plans all to yourself

Be loud let your colors show

Try to keep the madness low

When you run make sure you run/To something and not away from ’cause/Lies don’t need an aeroplane to chase you anywhere

I’m changing the plans I’ve been setting on/I’m scared by the way that my life’s getting gone

And my heart is like a mason’s/Hands of weathered skin/Each scar makes it harder/For me to hurt again

For just the sense to try/To walk ahead and leave the pain behind

And everyone they have a heart/And when they break and fall apart/And need somebody’s helping hand

I used to say just let ’em fall/It wouldn’t bother me at all/I couldn’t help then now I can

I will keep my wits about myself/Disregard directions sent from hell

But if I think/I just might get something out of this/My parents taught me to learn when I miss/Just do your best

Maybe I don’t have to be good but I can try to be/At least a little better than I’ve been so far

One foot in and one foot back/But it don’t pay to live like that

Your dreams to catch the world, the cage/The highway sets the traveler’s stage
All exits look the same


they said “I hope that you will never change”/I went and cut my hair


What ifs hot on my trail/But that can’t catch me, no

they say life only grows short/I say the road only grows long

as long as there’s a road/my feet will never touch the ground

There’s nothing like finding gold/within the rocks hard and cold/I’m so surprised to find more/Always surprised to find more

I won’t look back anymore/I left the people that do

Free is not your right to choose/It’s answering what’s asked of you/To give the love you find until it’s gone


If you’re loved by someone, you’re never rejected

Decide what to be and go be it

Can you tell that I am alive?/Let me prove it to ya.

All that comes, it comes here to pass

The homophobic gentlemen built barricades/But their efforts couldn’t stop me

In came Miss Progress in her black dress
Look at the mess, she is a killer


Forever I will move like the world that turns beneath me/And when I lose my direction I’ll look up to the sky

We’re all in this together

If I live the life I’m given, I won’t be scared to die


Watch us fly as loud as we can

There’s no fortune at the end of the road/That has no end

There’s no returning to the spoils/once you’ve spoiled the thought of them

There’s no falling back asleep/Once you’ve wakened from the dream

Don’t let romance or beating hearts change what we came to do

give me strength to the leave the sad and the wrong

Even though I know there’s hope in/Every morning song/I have to find that melody alone

I was taught to keep an open-ended life/and never trap myself in nothin’/I was told to keep an open-ended life/and never trap yourself in nothin’

Don’t go revenging in my name/One person dead from such is plenty

If you live in fear you’re already dead

Just know the kingdom of God is within you/Even though the battle is bound to continue

God is in the song and the devil’s in our feet


It is told/With age our hearts are destined to grow cold/Well I won’t argue that but this I know/The snow won’t fall on me

Where we are is not so far from where we’re gonna be/You got to serve something, ain’t that right?/I know it gets dark, but there’s always a light/You don’t have to buy in to get into the club/Trade your worries/You gotta show up if you wanna be seen
If it matters to you ma, it matters to me

You got to go somewhere, ain’t that true?

And I got no choice but to get right up when the song comes through

There ain’t no man can save me/There ain’t no man can enslave me/There ain’t no man or men that can change the shape my soul is in/There ain’t nobody here who can cause me pain or raise my fear/Cause I got only love to share/If you’re looking for truth I’m proof you’ll find it there

And I finally learn what I need to know/I am happier with nothing

But when the feeling’s there/it can lift you up/take you anywhere

We came to break the bad/We came to cheer the sad/We came to leave behind the world a better way

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