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Trying to go just about everywhere/A lot of thinking about where I’m going next

Nothing’s gonna change my mind,/I’m walkin’ a different highway.

I won’t look back anymore/I left the people that do

Nothing’s gonna change my mind./I’m travelin’ a different line.

We all should (go)/Break down the walls being built around us.

We came to leave behind the world a better way


I guess I might have made a few mistakes/But maybe that’s exactly what it takes/To get a little happy in this big sad world

So I cut the ties and I jumped the tracks/For never to return

I’m a rambler too, but I’m country bound/I’ll travel till my country home is found

I looked ahead to the open road, thought about the people and what they know,
and wrote a book called “People Don’t Know Nothin”.
(no matter what they tell ya, man)

So, when you run make sure you run/To something and not away from ’cause/Lies don’t need an aeroplane to chase you anywhere

I’m changing the plans I’ve been setting on/I’m scared by the way that my life’s getting gone

Listen, who I used to be/Don’t matter much at all to me/To pin you down, to plant your feet’s/A far cry from my destiny

One foot in and one foot back/But it don’t pay to live like that

they said “I hope that you will never change”/I went and cut my hair


What ifs hot on my trail/But that can’t catch me, no

so it goes a man grows cold/some would say a man grows strong/they say life only grows short/I say the road only grows long/as long as there’s a road/my feet will never touch the ground

Temporary is my time/Ain’t nothin on this world that’s mine/Except the will I found to carry on

Decide what to be and go be it

Things change and get strange/With this movement of time/It’s happening right now to you


Forever I will move like the world that turns beneath me/And when I lose my direction I’ll look up to the sky

There’s no fortune at the end of the road/That has no end/There’s no returning to the spoils/Once you’ve spoiled the thought of them/There’s no falling back asleep/Once you’ve wakened from the dream/Now I’m rested and I’m ready and I’m ready to begin


I was taught to keep an open-ended life/and never trap myself in nothin’/I was told to keep an open-ended life/and never trap yourself in nothin’

My trust has dwindled down/and I can leave here just as abruptly as I came here.

Tear down the house that I grew up in./I’ll never be the same again./Take everything that I’ve collected/and throw it in a pile.

they say this is where the fun begins/i guess it’s time that i was quittin’



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