All lyrics/quotes/words are intellectual property of The Avett Brothers. Ship and Birds – Scott Avett


Burn the questions burn the shame

We all should (go)/Break down the walls being built around us.

Singing the songs we’re embarrassed to sing/May you never be embarrassed to sing

So if ever someone one says to you/Life isn’t fair, get used to it/Then you should say ‘Well it might be/If folks like you would let it be”

Be loud let the others know/First a whisper then it grows

Be loud let your colors show

I’m no more than a friend girl/I can see that you need more

Did you stop to accept how pathetically dumb/It can be to/Attack those around ’cause you’re/True to color, a town, a time, or a place?

But I don’t want to fight/I just ask let me be/I won’t give the chance to be my enemy
So go home/Think it through

And I can’t believe it when I hear the jokes they make/At anyone’s expense except their own/ Would they laugh if they knew who paid?


If you’re loved by someone, you’re never rejected

but you and I, we’re the same/Live and die, we’re the same.


The homophobic gentlemen built barricades/But their efforts couldn’t stop me

In came Miss Progress in her black dress/Look at the mess, she is a killer

Watch us fly as loud as we can

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