All lyrics are intellectual property of The Avett Brothers. Photo credit: Gunnar MacCormick. If we may be so humble to suggest….don’t scroll through these yet. Just go listen to the entirety of the Timothy Seth Avett album, “The Mourning, the Silver, the Bell” 

I’m convinced that nothings true/Just cause love worked out for you/Don’t impress me no more

I’d like to give all my pain to you/If I could I’d give all my pain to you

there was a moment when I thought our love was strong/But now that moment is gone

I would love to find a reason to dazzle you with lies/But I don’t have the energy no more

So bye bye bye bye bye/I ain’t got time to watch you cry/Cause I’ve been drinking seven hours now/Sympathy is a waste of my high

And I would like to say it hurts me (but it don’t)/That I don’t know just what to do (but I do)/But it don’t hurt when you’re just killing time/I was killing time and I think that you knew

Now all you ramblin’ fellas/You listen close to me/That woman gonna bring you pain/Your heart is gonna bleed

Is this over? Well you tell me/I heard that love lasts eternally/But when I reach over to touch your hair/I realize that there’s noone there

Hell has no fury like a woman/Happy scorned or otherwise

you say i wouldn’t know you now/Well I didn’t even know you then

The mind of a girl/It’s hard to understand

So try to imagine a time and a place/Where the enemy won and the hero was slain

I didn’t mean for me to see/Things I see in you and me/But know I know that we can’t live together/The way I want to live free forever

Just got sprayed with turkey —–

Words that don’t mean a thing/To a broken-hearted man

It’s not the same/Our lives are not the same

I tried to move on but I can’t/I tried to think of bad times/Good memories are all I have

I’m the lover/I’m the killer/I could love her/I could kill her

Leave now while you can/I’m not your man/I know, I know

Some say I got ramblin’ in my blood/No pretty girl can slow me down

I don’t want to be in love like the movies/Cause in the movies they’re not in love at all

Because it’s you and not your parents/Who can break my heart/And I’ve got news for

I want to live/and I want you to live/happy and free/But I don’t know how to seperate the now/from what used to be

I’ve never been/too good at readin’ in/between the lines/So babe spell it out/but you don’t have to shout/when you’re talking to me

May you find all that you need/An easy way to forget about me/May you forget about me

Why’d we have to change/It all seems so fine/We’ll go our own ways/We’re both asking, why

Your absence is the bullet and the past is your gun

I have love for my family/I have love for my friends/That’s as far as it goes,/And I must let you know/My love for you was pretend.

And how I know you love me/And how I want to love you bad

I’m no more than a friend girl/I can see that you need more/My boots are on my feet now/My bag is by the door

And my heart is like a mason’s/Hands of weathered skin/Each scar makes it harder/For me to hurt again

Oh my love but we are bound to die/My heart is broke but you won’t hear me cry/Oh my love but we are bound to die/My heart is broke but you won’t see me

How can you tell when goodbye means goodbye/Not just for now, for the rest of you life/How can you stand there with love in you eyes/And still be walking away

What did you expect/And what did you forget/That to live you must let go of me with each step

They say that this is where the fun begins/I guess it’s time that I was quitting

Don’t write me back/I can’t react the way you want/Don’t call my phone/I’m not at home/Your voice is just a static moan to me

if you won’t give my heart back/I’ve no need to stick around

Tonight I’ll burn the lyrics,/’Cause every chorus was your name

The way you cut/The rope/That kept you dangling from such bitter full amounts of hope./I would have cut it too.

You go back to the high life/And I’ll go back to the low./I should’ve known/But now I know.

You say I wouldn’t know you now/Well I didn’t even know you then

How many times must I live through the past again?

I built the fence, I hung the sign/Blood red letters said ‘Keep in mind /Where I been so don’t come in’

It’s alright /If you finally stop caring /Just don’t go and tell someone that does

Cause even though I know there’s hope in/Every morning song/I have to find that melody alone

we won’t waste no long goodbyes on the smoke or foolish lies
that finally passed us

What will you do without my love?

I was told to keep an open-ended life/and never trap yourself in nothin’

My trust has dwindled down/and I can leave here just as abruptly as I came here.

Bulldoze the woods that I ran through/Carry the pictures of me and you./I have no memory of who I once was/and I don’t remember your name.

I remember crying over you,/and I don’t mean like a couple of tears and I’m blue./I’m talking about collapsing and screaming at the moon,/but I’m a better man for having gone through it./Yes, I’m a better man for having gone through.

And were you ever really listening/Like I want for you to listen now?

Feeling no pain/Except for knowing /That he will never see her again

Make me believe/That you still/Still love me/Like you did years ago/When you knew me

I’m no angel, and neither are you/But you’d be ashamed of me if only you knew/All the terrible things I’ve done/To you and to me and to everyone

I know I know that you have to go/Back to the place you came from/I know I know that you have to go/Back to the place you came from

The best and worst thing about your memory/It doesn’t fade with the passing years

To pin you down, to plant your feet’s/A far cry from my destiny

And the person I am, and the person I’ll be/Refuse to meet

Good luck with the rest of your life

Do you know me? Well I know you/Just like I know the sun is blue/The grass is orange and the sky is green/and a woman’s heart runs on gasoline

And keep all your words/Theres three that I heard/Whether or not you said ’em out loud/ They were “I don’t care”

Well I tried to fill my empty nights with drinking/I’m going to keep on trying to fill them up with drinking/Anything to keep my boat from sinking/Anything to keep my head from thinking

Well I’d give her things back gladly/but I can’t cause I threw them in a river

Well I’ve had to teach myself not to adore ya/But I’ve had to teach myself not to adore ya

My boss is a good man, he makes lots of rules/And he gets so frustrated with all of his tools/He said, “My God, nothing ’round here works”/Well at least he’s right about love
Yeah, at least he’s right about love

The end’s plain to see/So I left your keys/Taped to your door with a note
It said,”If you have something to say to me you better say it soon, sincerely.
You know it’s me.”


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